Review: Seokchon Korean BBQ

First impression? A simple and cozy Korean BBQ restaurant with a dozen tables and a couple private rooms suitable for a quick, easy and yummy choice. A definite ‘no fuss’ type of place.

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How’s the service? Seokchon staff were friendly, attentive yet not too ‘in-your-face’. I tried this restaurant first time with my sister after work one day. I’ve gone back other times with my hubby as well. I feel it had very good value for money and was easy going and private – a good setting if you want to feel relaxed and have some good food and be able to have a chilled out conversation with your friends too. I noticed, every time I went back the service has always been consistent and we were always greeted by the Korean owners and the same faces of staff.

What we got complimentary? 

  • Small servings of fresh tasting vegetables and kim chi side dishes and a bowl of soup to go with your mains.

VERDICT – 🙂 These made your BBQ experience more wholesome, where you are not too stuffed with just the meat and rice dishes, and the side vegetable salads were all fresh tasting. The soup is a little bland, but I like pouring it over my rice so I’m not having such a dry meal.

What we ordered? 

  • Marinated Pork Slices

VERDICT – 🙂 This costs 230THB, and we order 1 plate. The meat was not dry at all and had a mix of sweet and salty flavour. The meat was very tender.

  • Marinated Pork Spareribs

VERDICT – 🙂 This too costs 230THB, and we order 1 plate. Again the meat was juicy with a well balanced flavour of sweet and savoury. The meat was very tender as well.

What’s the damage? 300THB per person

Overall experience? Between the two of us, with the two plates of pork we ordered and a bowl of rice each, plus the free side dishes of veges and soups, this has always been filling enough for two. After the meal, we also felt it was a satisfying meal without us over eating or even over paying. It is a regular ‘no fuss’ spot I would always consider for me and a friend, or small group of people.

How to get there?  Time Square Building, just before Sukhumvit Soi 12, Floor where the BTS sky walk leads in from Asok BTS. It is located right at the corner where you enter the building from the sky walk. Building does have parking, or you can park at Terminal 21 Mall and walk over.


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